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The independent Publishing House Trade and Industry issues periodicals dedicated to textile industry and construction industry. Trade and Industry has been on the market for 10 years and has acquired a stable position in the field of advertising and information. Among our readers we count the directors and senior specialists of Russian companies now active on textile and construction markets. The editorial board of the Publishing House includes managers of the biggest production and commercial firms in Russia. A number of experts work on our editorial board. Our publications are not supported by any government agencies or commercial organizations and exist as an independent business venture.

The print for textile industry comprises:
LegPromBusiness is the title of our monthly newspaper. Since 1994 this newspaper, the only specialized periodical of this kind in Russia, has acquired a very good reputation with the readers, as it covers official communication, latest news. The periodical highlights important events in fabric and clothes-making industries. The reports of our own correspondents and comprehensive monitoring of Russian press help us collect data and make surveys of prices for industrial products.
The Director magazine is intended for managers of enterprises and commercial firms. It describes not only problems of market activities (from raw materials to retail sales), but also the experience of Russian firms in assets, property and personnel management, general management and relations with authorities. The Director magazine, as image-making edition also covers fashion trends, fabric production and accessories.
The catalogue Industrial Clothing and Means of Individual Protection is a highly specialized edition. One of the first that contain information about Russian producers and suppliers of this sphere. Also it presents the latest data on new technologies and materials, acquaints our readers with foreign companies and achievements in this particular speciality.

Equipment for Garment & Textiles magazine has been published since May 2000. It is intended for producers, purchasers and users of textile machinery, accessories and textile products. The periodical covers information on the machines for fiber and yarn manufacturing, fiber processing, spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, cutting, finishing, as well as textiles for various applications.
The analytical magazine Leather & Footwear is a monthly edition which is of interest to leaders of shoe-making and tanning enterprises, and also to everyone concerned with tanning industry.

The print for construction industry comprises:
St.-Petersburg Construction Market - a monthly analytical magazine of interest to those engaged in construction. The periodical covers the most important events in the field of construction and restoration. Here one can read about real estate market, significant investment projects of the Northwest region and up-to date technologies and materials, equipment and tools.
Optimal choice is a supplement to St.-Petersburg Construction Market
StroyPROfile - the magazine addressed to all specialists in construction, executives of all levels of management and state officials. The magazine contains information concerning professional construction and restoration, building technologies from all regions of Russia and CIS. The magazine is issued 8 times a year.
Federal Construction Market is specialized magazine on current construction tendencies, building and investment programs and projects of federal importance. It covers data on power engineering, transport infrastructure, industrial construction and sectors. The magazine is issued 8 times a year.
Oil and Gas Industry is a monthly magazine. The periodical provides readers with the latest information on the enterprises of the branch current projects and budgeting. The magazine contains data on new technologies, materials and equipment for oil and gas extraction, processing, petrochemistry, oil and gas transporting, refueling etc.

The distribution of our periodicals is performed mainly by direct mail on the basis of continuously updated database, which includes the enterprises of Russia, Belarus and (partially) the countries of the former USSR (nowadays about 18000 enterprises and firms). Also we distribute our editions by subscription and free of charge at specialized exhibitions and fairs.
Our publishing house wishes you prosperity in your business and is always eager to help your promotion on Russian market.

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